Craft Beer, Pizzas Make Rounds at Boondoggles Pub

Fifty two beers and ciders — and your very own, customized Pewter Beer Stein…with YOUR NAME on it! Invest in a mug, and they’ll keep yours hanging from the ceiling for when you next return. Right now, the count is somewhere around 1100! The fun does… Continue reading

‘Food’ for Thought for the LONG Labor Day Weekend!

If you’re staying at home for Labor Day, I’ve got a couple of fun food ideas for you. Since we’re not hitting 100 degrees every single day, grilling might be on your mind. So, I wanted to remind you about a few key recipes I have on my site…recipes you’ll want to pull for this weekend! Continue reading

TQLA…in Houston!

There’s a bit of a trend going on with restaurant names using letters, numbers or a combination of the two…At first glance, Houston’s TQLA in the Heights almost falls into the mystery name category. But, one step inside and it all makes sense…T… Continue reading

Follow the fork to gourmet food

If you’ve come to the Fork in the Road, then you’ve come to the right place! It’s a real party at H-E-B’s Montrose Market location and their terrific gourmet food truck. Chef Sheryl whipped up some curbside delicacies for me, including a prime burger m… Continue reading

Find your throne and chow down at Burger Palace

It’s no secret: bigger is better in Texas, and my friends over at Burger Palace are serving up giant portions hoping that your appetite is fit for a king or your backyard grill has plenty of room this weekend! All their burgers are made from the heal… Continue reading

Burgers and Soppin’ Sauce

For more tasty burger ideas from your HEB in Houston….check these out! Even slider versions for a limited time. The secret to these delish burgers is the sauce! Ever heard of ‘Soppin’ Sauce’ ? Buy a variety because I loved every single one I tast… Continue reading

H-E-B’s Burger Bash!

Tired of the same old burger? Then check out these healthy, delicious new salmon burgers from H-E-B. Talk about good taste – Italian Bruschetta Burgers with Tomatoes and Parmesan, Fiesta Jalapeno Cheddar Burgers chock-full of zesty spice and rich chees… Continue reading